Putting the Camp in EdCamp

EdCamp Philly was a great day of learning, networking, and sharing with other educators/technologists/administrators/proponents for change. I was happy to represent The School at Columbia University along with @nykat4 (Katy Gartside, 5th Grade teacher) and @scampnyc (Nancy Wong, Math Liaison). As Edcamp Philly was an unconference, a little light peer pressure had Nancy and Katy signing up to co-present, Collaborating with Google Apps with me. I also provided the title for Katy’s successful presentation, WWKD? What would Katy do in her 5th grade classroom. @DoremiGirl (Yoon Lim) was nearby as I was encouraging” Nancy and Katy, and when I reinforced that leading a session was really like facilitating a conversation, Yoon posted her session, Music, Kids, Tech, which received much acclaim over Twitter throughout the day.

Further, thanks to the encouragement of Edcamp Philly organizers @mbteach and @kristenswanson, I joined up with people I met at the registration area to co-present two additional sessions: One was iPads in Education with @aleaness and @dancinjul and the other was Google Apps and Gadgets with @fronk2000 and @rchuhran.

I have yet to comb the #edcamp Twitter archive, but here are some of the bits and pieces I gathered (and the EdCamper who shared it):

  • iPad apps shouted out during the discussion (which was graced by surprise guest, @chrislehmann!):

Text Free, Discovery, Alice in Wonderland, Baby Scratch, Access my Library, Penultimate, Smart Note, Elements, NPRBrushes, Harmonious, Evernote, Instapaper, Read it Later, Proloquo2Go, Quick Connect, DragonDictation, Good Reader, Cloud Browse, iThought HD, Plants vs. Zombies

  • Edmodo Follow @zemote on Twitter as he is one of the founders and can answer and questions!
  •  Yolink and SweetSearch are free and awesome and allow for more appropriate and efficient online research.

After such an awesome day, Nancy and Katy and I are psyched to plan an EdCamp NYC sometime this fall!

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2 responses to “Putting the Camp in EdCamp

  1. pblhq

    edcampphily- Another cool tool was one of the main sponsors of the event http://www.projectfoundry.org 🙂


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