Link up with yolink at ISTE

I’ll be at ISTE‘s annual conference in a few weeks. I still have to finalize what I will say/show at my presentation, “Collaborating with Google Apps in the 21st Century Classroom.” I’m equally proud and petrified that my session is sold out. I called ISTE in a panic to find out how many seats they assigned for my talk – 108! 

Here’s the catalog listing for my presentation at ISTE:

In the meantime, I prepared a lesson for my stint at the yolink booth. I’ll be at their space on the Expo floor for two hours a day, 30 minutes of which will include a demonstration of how I use yolink and some of their partner services: Creative Commons, SweetSearch, and EasyBib. I’m particularly proud of my lesson’s title, License to Cull with Creative Commons. Get it?

Yolink scans a web search or a specific web page for keywords. Multiple keywords are individually color-coded, so visual (and/or impatient) learners can quickly scroll through paragraphs on a website to visibly locate those keywords. It’s easy, powerful, and free!

I was super honored to be featured in yolink‘s recent newsletter. Below is the link to the June edition of Education News from yolink:


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2 responses to “Link up with yolink at ISTE

  1. Paula Naugle

    I love the title of your lesson, very catchy. See you in Denver.


  2. Karen Blumberg

    Thanks! Looking forward to meeting you!


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