Thanks @NMHS_Principal and @Schoology! Here are my incomplete notes from TSETC today…

I spent the day in New Jersey. More specifically, I woke up before 6:30am on a Saturday (!) to head to the inaugural Tri-State Education Technology Conference (#TSETC) hosted by Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal) at New Milford High School and sponsered by Schoology (@schoology). I will be forever grateful to Al Doyle (@aldoyle) for driving and Basil Kolani (@bkolani) for navigating while I complained from the back seat. We were all presenters at TSETC today, Al talked about Game Theory, and Basil and I co-presented on Grassroots Professional Development.

My PLN has grown exponentially over the last couple of years, and it was a pleasure to match a face to an avatar and/or reunite with EdCampPhilly organizers Mary Beth Hertz (@mbteach) and Rich Kiker (@rkiker), Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal), Aaron Bellow (@adambellow), Tom Whitby (@TomWhitby) wearing the same Hawaiian shirt he were to Teacher Town Hall at Education Nation last weekend, Bill Stites (@wstites), fellow EdCampNYC organizers Deven Black (@spedteacher) and Katy Gartside (@nykat4), fellow TEDxNYED organizers Tammy McKenna (@tmck76) and Basil Kolani (@bkolani), NYCIST friend Al Doyle (@adoyle), Pamela Livingston (@plivings), Aaron Eyler (@Aaron_Eyler), Neal Taparia and Darshan Somasheker from EasyBib (@EasyBib), Mark Moran (@FindingDulcinea) from Sweet Search, Jim Lerman (who I worked with 10 years ago at The Dalton School, Dorothy Fox (@dee8906), Meg Wilson (@ipodsibilities) and many others I’m too tired to remember to list right now.

While TSETC was not an UNconference, I treated it as such. I ignored the blank papers at four separate stations where people were expected to sign up for sessions. Instead, I popped in and out of rooms, greedily gathering as many useful resources and websites as I could.

Here’s a bit of what I learned/shared as I walked around:

Grassroots PD by me (@SpecialKRB) and Basil Kolani (@bkolani)

Thinking Outside the Ban: Taking risks to prepare students for success Keynote speech by Lisa Nielsen (@InnovativeEdu)

Ten Web 2.0 Tools to Make Your Classroom Rock by Adam Bellow (@adambellow)

Teaching the 10 Steps to Better Web Research by Mark Moran (@findingdulcinea)

Game Design 2010 by Al Doyle (@aldoyle)

Appsolutely Accommodating: Meet the iPad by Meg Wilson (@ipodsibiities)

Transforming an Educational Experience with Social Media by Bill Stites (@wstites)

iGlobal Class rojects: Extending learning beyond the classroom by Shelly Terrell (@ShellTerrell) Skyping in from Germany!

Living and Learning with a Classroom set of iPads by Colleen McGuire (@mzmacky)

Clearly I was unable to be everywhere, but I saw these slides posted to Twitter from other presentations too:

Using MobileTechnology for Student Centered Learning by George Engel (@gbengel)

Digital Storytelling by Samantha Morra (@sammorra)

Will Online Learning Change Everything? by Cory Plough (@mrplough07)

An Educator’s Guide to 21st Century Learning by Mary Beth Hertz (@mbteach)

Finally, I just want to re-share these free lessons incorporating Yolink, Sweet Search, EasyBib, and Creative Commons can be found below. I created the awesomely punny “License to Cull with Creative Commons”:


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3 responses to “Thanks @NMHS_Principal and @Schoology! Here are my incomplete notes from TSETC today…

  1. wstites

    Thanks for the mention in the post. I have my slides posted here as well –


  2. gbengel

    Hi, you can find my presentation for #tsetc on cell phone use at


  3. Karen Blumberg

    @wstites @gbengel Thanks so much for adding your #TSETC resources! I updated my post to include them:


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