6th graders Skype with The Sezin School in Istanbul (not Constantinople)

Teachers and techies from The Sezin School in Istanbul and The School at Columbia University in Manhattan have been organizing video Skype chats for our kids to learn from each other. Our students ask/answer questions about hobbies, sports, school, holidays, video games, political structures, and famous city landmarks. Today, I remembered to set up the Blue Snowball microphone, and it made a huge difference in sound quality coming from our end. http://bluemic.com/snowball

The faculty and students at The Sezin School are incredibly interesting, global, well-spoken, respectful, and insightful, so it’s a pleasure to interact with them. Plus, I think it’s hilarious to see a whole other population of pre-teens beginning to enter their awkward phase…

The Sezin School set up this collaborative website for sharing projects and ideas: http://www.projectcafe.eu/cafe/

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