Notes from visiting Claremont Preparatory School

Claremont Preparatory School: Prep for Life

As part of a half-day for Professional Day, faculty spread out around the city to visit other schools and observe their “culture.” I travelled to the Financial District, at the southern tip of Manhattan, to visit Claremont Prep. Two other teachers and I were toured around by Christine Karamanoglou, Assistant Middle School Head.

Claremont Preparatory School in its 6th year. Rather than being called an independent or private school, it is more aptly described as a “proprietary school” (meaning it’s for profit). It’s part of a chain of schools, METSchools, Inc. (

We were toured around 1 Morris Street. This is their 2nd building space specifically for the Middle and High Schools. The Lower School will stay at their original location. Currently at 1 Morris Street, they have floors (19th, 20th, 21st), a huge gym at street level, and a basement pool which is being tiled.

Student population: currently age 3 to 10th grade. Will eventually be Pre-K to 12.

In middle school and up: 40 min period, 5 min transition. 26-32 kids per grade level now
At capacity, there will be 6 sections of 20 kids per grade. As of now, they are not quite at half capacity.

Language Deparment = 1 Spanish teacher, 2 French, 2 Mandarin.

Uniform: Land’s End “Choice” policy – navy/khaki bottoms. 6 color shirts to wear. Claremont Prep sweaters/sweatshirts.
HS Dress code. Cords/khakis, color shirt.

There’s a theater! Though the sight lines are pretty bad to non-existent from many seats and the space cannot accommodate the student body. I suggested putting flat screens on the enormous pillars which project what’s happening onstage.

We bumped into a graduate of The School who is now a 9th grade student at Claremont. He says the classes are diverse and everyone brings something different to the class.

Every classroom has a smartboard.
Every floor has a laptop cart.

Teacher have desks, shared offices, and solo classrooms, but the school is not even at half capacity. (The 19th floor is empty as of now…) Eventually teachers will share classrooms.

Hilary Hewins, College Counselor, is fresh from Hunter. As the oldest students at Claremont are 10th grade, she’s currently building her program and getting kids involved in community service and other projects to make them super well-rounded.

I sat in on an 8th grade Technology class led by Anslee de Lastic. Anslee has her 8th graders once a week. Kids were working on individual projects. Some were doing animations with Pivot which allows you to stop motion animation, some kids were re-working a video game using Lunar Magic, some were making a slideshow in PowerPoint, some editing a movie with Premiere.

“Nut free” in the Lower School building
“Nut aware” in the middle/upper school.

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