Tips for hosting a TEDx (or any event) via @dcinc66

I’m at #TEDActive in Palm Springs!

The actual TED is in Long Beach, and we’ll be watching a simulcast of the talks from the posh and enthusiastically retro Riviera Resort and Spa. There are tons of awesome activities on the schedule this week, and our co-hosts, Kelly Stoetzel and Rives, are funny and fabulous. Only because I enjoy wordplay, I coined the phrase TEDgating, and I’ve received a variety of reactions to it.

Today, I’m at a workshop for TEDx organizers. I’m getting tons of great advice to consider for the second incarnations of TEDxYouth@TheSchool and TEDxNYED. Besides considering speaker prep, tech issues, partners, schedule, audience, branding, and many other items that I’ve had recent experience learning/practicing/developing, Kelly and Rives gave 10 tips for the host of a TEDx event. Thankfully, David Bill (@dcinc66) of TEDxSFED wrote them down at Enjoy yourself • Have a stage manager • Must have a great host • Get a host who engages with the crowd throughout. • Host sets the tone for the day. He will let everyone know what’s going on. • Keep the flow going and watch the clock. • Be the bad guy and start early. Time limit is a ceiling not a goal. • The host is the audiences guide and speakers friend. • Host needs to link the talks. • Make the speakers feel comfortable. • Break the rhythm. Throw in something unique. (1 min idea throw outs) • Have back up plan a, b, c ( filler for 30 sec, 1 min, 5 min, no tech)

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