Enjoyed meeting MarkGrayson, CEO of http://rocket21.com

Catherine Ventura (@CatherinVentura) is a Social Media Content Strategist at Venn Diagram and a parent at my school. She learned about Rocket21 and organized a meeting for Rocket21’s CEO, Mark Grayson (@MarkGraysonR21), to come speak with her, me, and Don Buckley (@donbuckley), the Director of Technology at The School at Columbia University.

Rocket21 is a social network bringing together kids and adults in the professional field. At the top corner of the page you see: FRIENDS.PROS.POSSIBILITIES. The site is intended for 9-15 year olds, and 17 is the absolute cutoff age. Kids under 13 need parental consent to join, and adults can only get a user account with permission. The goal is to help kids discover their interests and dreams and passions and connect them to people who can make them happen. Mark said that career is considered only as a lens on kids interests and passions, and this wasn’t like an online version of “Take Your Child to Work” Day. The site is for profit, and Mark used the awesome expression “aggregation of eyeballs” when talking about locating sponsors and possible ad revenue.

Mark took us on a tour of Rocket21, and it’s pretty great. Kids and adults cannot have private communications. Rather, kids can post questions to the Pros’ pages, and the Pros can publicly respond. If you link to a Pro, you’ll see their recent updates in your News Feed. Semantics are important to the site; users on Rocket21 link rather than friend contacts. Also, one learns about possible careers by searching for interests.

Another awesome thing was that there are tons of filters on the site, so that if a user tries to upload inappropriate words or personal information, a pop up window alerts that the text needs to be edited. See image of an INVALID TEXT NOTICE below:


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