The #EcoSpoon by #EcoTensil. Great Waste, Less Filling!


Last weekend, I ran in the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Run for the Wild at The Bronx Zoo in support of the penguins. After the race, there was a breakfast sponsored by D’agostino, a New York-based grocery chain. We were offered bagels, fruit, and yogurt; For the yogurt, we were provided paper spoons made by Ecotensils (@EcoTensil). I was blown away by the simplicity of the design and the incredibly small carbon footprint left behind by these tools.


(the above graphic and much more information can by found at

I ordered a sample pack and showed it to my administrative team and the school chef; Our food services are provided by Flik, and our chef will show these samples to his regional director. While the paper EcoSpoon may not an ideal instrument for eating cereal or soup, it is perfect for yogurt, cottage cheese, and oatmeal — all of which my school provides for our community every morning. I’d love for parents and children to see these new tools in action and have a conversation about the EcoSpoon’s design, use, and capability of biodegrading in a few weeks. It could be one small step towards sustainability and one giant leap for my frustration levels at the amount of waste my school produces every day.

You can contact EcoTensil for a sample by emailing:

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