Still time to register for Teach21c on June 20-23


The School at Columbia University is launching a new teaching/learning institute called Teach21. There will be a series of workshops and daily keynote speakers from June 20-23rd. On the website, Teach21 is described as follows:

Teach21 is a new professional development institute that focuses on 21st Century teaching and learning. Developed and taught by The School at Columbia faculty, the workshops are grounded in cutting edge pedagogy and classroom experience. Descriptions of half-day, full day and two day workshops can be found in the Workshops tab. Each day will begin at 9 am with a Keynote speaker. If you register for any workshop you can attend all Keynotes. Lunch will be provided for all participants. Register before June 1st for early bird rates on workshops. (from the website)

I’m scheduled to lead two sessions:

Collaborating with New Media in the 21st Century Classroom (Tuesday 6/21/2011, 10:00am12:30pm)

We will look at different 21st century communication tools and demonstrate how they play out in the classroom and in the school of the future. The School at Columbia has built a web 2.0 “safe playground” in which students, starting in 3rd grade, learn to contribute to online culture building. By providing this mediascape for students, we grapple with a number of questions: How are our students using these tools? How are we teaching our students to use these tools appropriately? By asking these questions, we reflect on the impact of new media tools in the 21st century classroom.

Social Networking and Literacy (Thursday 6/23/2011, 10:00am12:30pm)

In our integrated Language Arts classroom, students work collaboratively and independently using Google Apps, iMovie, and Garageband to enhance their learning experience and share with their classmates. This workshop is about using new media in the Middle School Language Arts classroom to increase motivation, understanding, and accountability. One example is our in-house Independent Reading Site (powered by Google Apps). Students populate the site with an ever-increasing selection of book reviews. These reviews can be in the form of text, video, or drawings. In essence, our middle school students are social networking about literature. We are excited to share other examples of how we are using New Media in the Language Arts classroom.

Teach21 on the web:
Teach21 on Twitter:

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