Just found out about the app Masterpiece Me!


Download Masterpiece Me! here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/masterpiece-me/id428061219?mt=8

I just found out about Masterpiece Me! from another Technology Integrator at my school, Andrew Gardner (@agardnahh), who works with grades 3-5.

In his email to me, Andrew sent a pic of himself inserted into a Frieda Kahlo portrait and included the following text: Hahaha, your photoshop project with 6th grade is better, but this sure is fun and simple. I wonder if the producers got liscensing??

I’m hoping/assuming that the paintings included in Masterpiece Me! are all in the public domain.

I teach a Photoshop project for middle school students where I show the basics of Photoshop, but I also discuss media literacy and copyright. The past couple of years, students layered themselves into a Renaissance painting as part of an integrated study of the Renaissance in English, Social Studies, Science, Spanish, Music.

This year, we spent three days alternating between learning how to navigate Photoshop and discussing fair use, copyright, public domain, Shepard Fairey’s Hope painting, and the Mona Lisa.

A brief overview of the Photoshop project is here: http://karenblumberg.com/minorpieces-of-the-renaissance

My copyright lesson is here: http://karenblumberg.com/using-the-mona-lisa-and-shepard-fairey-to-dis

A quick how-to Photoshop slide show is here: http://karenblumberg.com/these-are-the-incomplete-directions-for-my-6t


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4 responses to “Just found out about the app Masterpiece Me!

  1. BrennanMoyMedia

    We too are hoping we are covered! HA Ha! As far as I can tell most of them are and then otherwise we are covered in the constitution under satire and parody! Since you can’t possibly confuse these creations for the original works and they are obviously an act of satire. Much like Saturday Night Live can use another networks logo’s and music when they are doing a comedy sketch. Glad you dug it! 🙂


  2. Karen Blumberg

    @BrennanMoyMedia Thanks for the comment! MasterpieceMe is a great app!


  3. Patria

    I did get in touch with the creators of “Master piece me” and according to them. The paintings are in the public domain. Not sure they would give that to you in writing 🙂


    • Patria

      OOPS. I see that the creator did respond to you. Not a very definitive answer though. Hoping is not the same as assuring.


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