With 8th grade, making a Photoshop InsideOut collage homage to Steve Jobs and Apple

As a lead-up activity to our InsideOut Project, I showed/reminded 8th graders how to do basic Photoshop stuff: layer, erase, select, fill, move, transform, etc. Initially, I asked students to create a rectangular collage of images that represent them – to take their inner thoughts/favorites/hopes and turn them inside out. After last night’s announcement of Steve Jobs’ death, I was reminded to Think Different. It’s remarkable how much of a direct and indirect effect Steve Jobs had on me and my students; He was a key figure in determining which tools we use, how we use them, and towards what purpose. Today, I asked students to recall the iPod ads from a few years ago, and they had little difficulty describing the silhouetted forms dancing to music. Then, we figured out a way to add their silhouette as the topmost layer of their Photoshop file, and they filled this silhouette with images they’d already located.

The actual acitivity will take 2-3 class periods. Here are the steps:
1. Take your photo in front of monochromatic paper
2. Use Photoshop to delete everything but your image (magic wand and adjust tolerance as needed)
3. Replace your image and the background with two different solid colors
4. Use these spaces (inside or outside their silhouette) as a canvas to fill with images that describe you
5. Cite the web addresses of any photos found online.

One student asked, “What if I took the photo, like with my own camera?” Another kid replied, “Then you own it, so you don’t have to cite it.” Progress!

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