Seriously amazed that you can use an image to start your #Google image search…


Try it here and now:

So Don Buckley (my boss and mentor) is helping me craft my presentation for Friday’s PNAIS Fall Educators Conference. I’m doing a breakout session on Collaborating with New Media and New Literacies. Don sent me a slideshow he put together to illustrate Henry Jenkins’ list of new media literacies for our participatory culture. As none of the images Don used were cited yet, I dreaded the arduous process of locating these images anew in order to cite them properly. I was totally blown away when I noticed a new camera icon in the Google search toolbar which allows you to search by image and not by text! Holy cow! Now there is absolutely no excuse one can possibly offer for improperly (or simply avoiding) citing online images.


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2 responses to “Seriously amazed that you can use an image to start your #Google image search…

  1. dcinc66

    oooh. very cool. thanks for sharing and good luck with your presentation.


  2. Karen Blumberg

    @dcinc66 Thanks! Sadly, using Google image search only proves that very few people properly cite their images. 😦


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