7th graders posted the results from The Box Project


Sabrina Goldberg is the 7th grade Math Teacher at The School at Columbia University. She has a classic project she initiates every year with her students:

Box Project

A rectangular box is made by folding an cutting an 8″x10″ shet of paper. The Flap EF equals the height AB of the box.

EF + ED + DC + BC + AB = 10″

DC + CR + RS = 8″


The 8″x10″ sheet of paper costs $4.00.

It cost $0.02 per inch to cut the paper.

You can sell scrap paper at $0.06 per square inch.

It costs $0.20 per inch to tape up the corners.

You can sell the finished box for $0.30 per cubic inch.

Make such a box with a depth of 1.5 inches.

If you make cut AB = 1.5 inches, find:

volume of the box

cost of the cuts

value of the scraps

selling price of the box


surface area of the box outside, not including the flap

Build expressions above using AB = x inches

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