#EdCampNYC wrap-up and next steps…


Back in January, Andrew Stillman (@astillman) and Ali Shama (@alishama) approached me about having an EdCampNYC at Francis Lewis High School, where Ali is principal. While having EdCampNYC at The School at Columbia University is incredibly convenient for me, having it in Queens enabled Ali’s faculty, a variety of DOE teachers, and many people new to edcamps to participate. There were about 110 people gathered today for three sessions and an amazing BBQ lunch served up by Ali, his administrative team, and student volunteers.

The unconference schedule (created this morning by attendees of today’s edcampnyc) included sessions about mobile computing, being a connected educator, Google Apps scripting, iPads in the classroom, digital citizenship, podcasting, engineering projects, QR codes, standards based grading, prototyping digital learning, public speaking for educators, ELL needs, Skype in the classroom, SMARTboard troubleshooting, Mathematical art, and more.

Important links:
– Follow the @edcampnyc account and the #edcampnyc hashtag on Twitter
– The online session board is at http://tinyurl.com/edcampnyc
– Like EdCampNYC on Facebook at http://facebook.com/edcampnyc
– Add your photos to the edcampnyc Flickr group at http://flickr.com/groups/edcampnyc and tag your photos with edcamp and edcampnyc
– Post any notes or reflections from the day to our digital archive at http://edcampnyc.posterous.com by sending an email to edcampnyc@posterous.com (with a title for your post in the subject line of the email and your notes in the body of the email)

Consider hosting your own EdCamp or adopting the UNconference model for a faculty meeting or Professional Development day at your school or campus! More info at:

Thank you to Francis Lewis High School for hosting and the BBQ lunch, Teq for sponsoring breakfast, Edutopia for the tote bags, and Inspiration for donating a few premium licenses.

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