Low-tech 3D Printing bulletin board #edtech


Every discipline has a bulletin board along the central stairwell of The School at Columbia University that they decorate twice a year. For the Technology board, we decided on an homage to 3-D printing.

Dylan Ryder
, our new Technology integrator for Grades 3-5, wielded a glue gun for his “3-D PRINTING” sign made from repurposed colored squares. I embraced recycled cardboard, crayons, and images of tools to illustrate key words that are part of the Maker culture: DIY, hack, tinker, create, design, build. I interspersed these with a few photos of kids ideating/prototyping and actual printed models from previous projects.

I’m pretty pleased with the low-tech homespun result…and the fact that we bought ourselves four more months until we have to update the board again.






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