Stuck indoors for #Sandy? Listen to Day 1 of the inaugural EducationNow 2012 Tele-Symposium! #ednowts12

Click here to listen to Day 1 of EducationNow 2012 Tele-Symposium (including Ken’s talks with me and with Angela Maiers).

Ken Christian (@KenWChristian) invited me to have a conversation with him as part of the inaugural EducationNow 2012 Tele-Symposium. Please register via the EducationNow website to receive daily emails with links to the recorded talks:

On the website, Ken explains how he convened a panel of experts for his free EducationNow 2012 Tele-Symposium that begins today, 29 October. His goal is “To raise the level of conversation about education during an election season wherein the topic seems to have disappeared from the national radar” via “a series of meaty, yet informal conversations with experts who represent a variety of positions about what needs doing.” He further explains:

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, school administrator, researcher, journalist or policy maker, I think you’ll appreciate the three-fold focus of EducationNow 2012 : 1) to describe new directions in education, 2) to underscore factors that contribute to schools that work, and 3) to provide sound, research-supported approaches parents, teachers, school administrators and policy makers can implement to increase student success.

The roster of education experts includes two eminent social scientists, plus visionaries, authors and other thought leaders—including spirited new-generation leaders— all of whom introduce powerful ideas and solutions. The result is a series of sixteen individual 45- to 60-minute recorded telephone interviews, each available completely FREE of charge to the general public for one week to listen and re-listen to at any time, day or night. Yes, you read that right! They are each available FREE for one week from the time of their daily two-at-a-time release beginning 29 October 2012. And the interviews come with NO PRODUCT PITCHES.

Instead the Tele-Symposium interviews are conversations—honest-to-goodness, freewheeling, thoughtful conversations that pull no punches and provide frameworks and practical, implementable suggestions and action steps. Freewheeling? Yes. But that doesn’t mean you’ll hear a series of hair-on-fire rants. It does mean that the conversations are lively exchanges that engage controversy and are anything but tightly orchestrated, stuffy formal interviews. Despite general agreement that education is in serious need of repair, the tone of the interviews is upbeat; and when it’s not, it’s at least enthusiastic and informative! I believe you’ll find in these interviews meet a pressing need for more discourse about what’s happening in education now and what should and can be done.

NOTE:  After initial free release, all interviews WILL be available for purchase singly or as a complete-series package at modest fees. They can also be pre-ordered. All proceeds from sales go to Root Causes (, a not-for-profit that targets children and adolescents in violence-prone sectors of Sacramento and elsewhere with educational interventions to improve their lives and prevent gang involvement.

FYI, I’m a psychologist with a passionate interest in education and achievement. In 1990 I created the 14-week Maximum Potential Project, which worked with parents and underachieving children and demonstrated average GPA improvements of .6 at completion and average improvements of .8 GPA in 6-month follow-ups.

Ken Christian, Ph.D.

The Panel Schedule is as follows:

Day One: Angela Maiers and Karen Blumberg

Day Two: Marco Clark and Rick Ackerly

Day Three: Clara Bellar and Joyce Reed

Day Four: Alfie Kohn, David Albert

Day Five: Randy Taran and Richard Selznick

Day Six: Ellen Moir and Morgan Giddings

Day Seven: Laurence Steinberg and Sanford Dornbusch

Day Eight: Don Buckley and Alannah Avelin

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