Sharing our geeky holiday wish list at our December #NYCIST meeting.

Erin Mumford (current president of NYCIST) came up with the topic of “Holiday Wish List” for this month’s meeting after buying iCarriers for her family members — this was after Dirk Delo of Avenues School shared how handy his iCarrier was for charging his family’s phones during the power outages of Hurricane Sandy:

Here was what people shared tonight:

Justand – iPad stand that turns your iPad into a document camera:

GoldieBlox – story/kit for encouraging engineering for girls:

The Leap – Minority-Reportify your computer:

The Lytro camera – takes huge photo files so you can play with the image and change the focus in our picture after shooting:

Memrise – Mandarin symbol recognition:

Pavegen tiles – generate renewable energy from footprints:

Touch screen gloves from Glow boutique in Brooklyn:

Speck HandyShell iPad case:

Makey Makey – an invention kit for everyone:

Richard Solo 1800 – charger for iPhone/iPad:

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