Public School P.S.10 in Brooklyn gets flash mobbed on 6/19/12 (via @rcuza)

Raul Cuza (@rcuza) is awesome. I wish I’d fully realized that when I had the chance to work with him for a short stretch at Convent of the Sacred Heart a million years ago. Instead, I was too ignorant to appreciate his dry humor, esoteric references, and complicated maneuvers to simplify the management of our school’s network.  That has changed. Among his other gifts, Raul shares amazing links and resources with our NYCIST community (that I often re-share) via our listserv. Here’s an example from a recent post:

Public School P.S.10 in Brooklyn New York gets flash mobbed on the
morning of June 19th, 2012:

I’ll add my #justdontgetit rant in a reply to this email so as not to
spoil it for you. Despite being distracted by old school schooling
#missingthepoint it felt good to see so many parents interfering in
the school life of their middle schoolers. Maybe if frequent
interruptions to the status quo happened, we wont raise a generation
of fabulous test takers (oops a different rant just reared its head).
signing off for now.


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