Excited for today’s panel to launch our annual 8th grade Social Action Project at @The_School. #edchat


The 8th grade is kicking off their annual Social Action Project with a panel of activists in the library organized by their teachers. We’re hoping to inspire the kids to find something they’re passionate about and make efforts (if not strides!) towards doing something about it. This is also my yearly goal for TEDxYouth@TheSchool

Today’s panelists include:

Jenelle Marlborough, artist and owner of First World Trash (proxy presentation by David Lebson – 8th grade Science teacher)

Leo Liebeskind, student and musician currently on tour for a month for The Tour on Poverty (proxy presentation by Eve Becker – 8th grade English teacher and Leo’s mom )

Aurora Cerda, owner of La Casa Azul Bookstore in El Barrio. Article about the bookstore is here.

Monica Novoa, writer at Color Lines Magazine

Jaime Lin-Lewis, Executive Director at Border Crossers

Keith Jensen (@paintpenart), Creative Director, founder of the “Free Art” project, volunteer at Art Start. Keith’s website: http://www.clearlykeith.com.

Olivia Cassin, staff attorney in the Immigration Law Unit of the Legal Aid Society and Adjunct Professor of Immigration Law at Columbia Law School

MaryBeth Apriceno, grant writer at Emerge Lanka

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