My response to the 6th grade’s 58-message “reply all” email chain:



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2 responses to “My response to the 6th grade’s 58-message “reply all” email chain:

  1. Although I am guessing that this has been annoying at best and destructive at worst, and that many parents are wary of young people having school-based email accounts, I am actually happy to know that these youth have a digital space to mess up a little and receive this kind of guidance.

    I am working on a post with work from 5th graders on a similar topic. Would you mind if I used this photo of your message? I’ll link back to this of course.


    • Sure, thanks for asking! I sent a 16-page PDF of the email chain to the Middle School Principal. I also spoke to a couple of children privately, and the kids’ advisors spoke to their advisees. We provide a walled garden at The School with a bunch of digital tools (photo repository, video repository, GoogleApps for Edu, and an internal social network…) with the purpose of giving our students a safe space to collaborate, create, share, and make just these errors.


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