A few images from the 9th annual @RoboExpo

See the full album of images from Robo Expo 2013 here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/specialkrb/sets/72157633360664013/

Today was the 9th annual Robo Expo (@RoboExpo)! The afternoon is a kid-friendly, low-key, age-appropriate event which is split into two parts: an exhibition where children from a variety of schools showcase their original designs, programs, and machines, and the challenges where students demonstrate that their robot can follow a line, gather cans, and stay on a table using sensors, attachments, and specially-written programs. The challenges change from year to year, and the prizes are robot-themed stickers. The past two years also included a table where kids could construct and take home brush bots!

This year, a NAO robot was a special surprise guest brought by Ryan Meehan of Teq (@TeqPD). Nao played games, responded to verbal and programmed instructions, and wow-ed the audience by dancing to Thriller and Gangnam Style. The robot was a little slow to respond at first, so I quipped that instead of NAO (pronounced “now”), we should call him LATER. Drumroll…crash!

We hadn’t even cleared up the last of the Legos and wires and mats before starting to plan for next year’s 10th running of the robots. While I uploaded a set of images to Flickr, I included some shots from my phone below:

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