5 social media lessons from @EbertChicago via @sree:


@Sree offered an hour’s worth of tips and talking points at his @Teach21c keynote this afternoon. His full slidedeck is here: http://bit.ly/sreeteach21

He floored and honored me with a personal shout out. I invited him to speak at @TEDxNYED 2012 because he’s awesome and I wanted him to share his message about social media and education from the TEDxNYED stage. Well, he announced today that he will be assuming the role of Chief Digital Officer at @MetMuseum, and the video of his TEDxNYED talk had been an influential part of his portfolio. As my friend Sharon Clearly (@cleary1066) would say, “That’s bananas!” (The video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKkeS8gpndM)

Among many notes and quotes I wrote down, he summarized an article he wrote about Roger Ebert and what Ebert brought to the social media table:

1. Be interesting in real life.
2. Great content gets you great followers.
3. Be humble.
4. Engage with others.
5. Social media has changes the role of expertise.

(Full article on @CNETnews at http://bit.ly/sreebert)

Finally, here is Sree’s social media success formula. Your tweets, statuses, updates, posts should have as many of the following attributes as possible:
Occasionally funny

(More at http://bit.ly/sreetips)

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