List of the 20 Companies pitching at #LAUNCH Education & Kids June 26-27, 2013 via @launch:


I’ve been taking lots of notes and sending a fair amount of tweets at @Launch, because I wanted to keep track of who was pitching what. I’m now watching pitch #16 of 20, and it occurred to me that there has to be a list somewhere of these 20 ventures. So, I belatedly located a blog post from @LAUNCH Education & Kids from Monday listing them all alphabetically.

The 20 Companies You’ll See at LAUNCH Education & Kids June 26-27, 2013 as per their blog post on June 24, 2013:

We’re proud to announce the 20 companies that take the stage at LAUNCH Education & Kids this week. Tune in for Jason’s fireside chat with Mitch Kapor at 1pm PT on Wednesday, June 26 followed by demos at (and again at 9am PT on June 27, when we kick off with Lynda Weinman of Our full agenda is here.


CK-12 Foundation is a non-profit organization that increases access to high quality educational materials for K-12 students all over the world. They offer free high-quality, standards-aligned, open content in the STEM subjects.


CollegeSnapps™ is a mobile application that connects students to their academic advisors. Through a series of live and prescribed interactions, it fosters engagement by allowing advisors to monitor a student’s progress and help the student succeed throughout college.


Crowdmark is a web application, with a paper-to-cloud bridge and a marking workflow that streamlines document assessment on a massive scale. Crowdmark helps teachers grade better.


Edthena is a platform that enables coaching for teachers anytime and anywhere. It brings observation and feedback online using recorded videos and specialized commenting tools. A teacher uploads videos of teaching and shares with colleagues who leave feedback at specific moments in time.


Envigilator is an online proctoring and computer monitoring system. It allows educators to observe students while they take an exam or complete an assignment online and provide feedback. Envigilator is unique in that nothing needs to be installed on any computers and administrator privileges are not needed to run it. Just click the app links and run.

Front Row

Front Row creates interactive educational software for mobile devices. The goal is to build software that teachers can use to convert material into an individualized, social and interactive form while keeping track of a student’s performance.


Gradeable is a digital grading tool that helps teachers give smarter, faster feedback to students. It helps reduce the time teachers spend on grading, while giving them powerful analysis and simple, visually appealing reports.


GuitarBots is an online game that makes guitar learning fun and motivating. It’s easy to start and intuitive to use. As you play, you unlock new challenges, earn badges and can compete with your friends.


Kidaptive is an innovative education and technology company dedicated to smart storytelling on iPads and a curriculum developed in collaboration with top university researchers to create entertaining and adaptive content that helps children learn.


LightUp makes the first educational electronics kits that use an augmented reality overlay to highlight concepts normally invisible to users. With LightUp, a tablet or smartphone acts as a lens that overlays engaging animations about underlying circuit behavior.


Linkbot is a modular robotic packed with technology and ready to bring your project from idea to working prototype. They are hands-on and make math come alive.


littleBits is an opensource library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets for prototyping, learning, and fun.

LocoMotive Labs

Locomotive Labs designs exceptional assistive and play-based learning apps to empower kids with special needs to be independent learners.


Melon is a headband and mobile app duo that tracks and helps you improve your focus in relation to your activity, your environment, your emotions, and any other behavior you want to track.

Motion Math

Motion Math creates fun, educational learning games so that children, regardless of their previous success in school or socioeconomic background, find delight in understanding difficult concepts. Learners playing our first game suite, centered on number sense, will master place value, mental arithmetic, multiplication, fractions, the number line, and estimation.


PathSource offers a comprehensive career navigation solution centered
around informational interviews on video. It helps young people figure out
where they want to take their lives and then learn how to get there.


Roominate inspires the next generation of female technology innovators. It’s a wired dollhouse building kit for girls aged 6 and up. Roominate gets young girls to have fun with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), while building hands-on skills and confidence.

Sight Words

Sight Words uses speech recognition technology on a smartphone or tablet to help children learn to read.

STEAM Carnival

Re-imagining the carnival with robots, fire, and lasers to inspire a generation of young inventors about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

An app you will see it at the event.

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