List of resources shared at the #NYCISTedu (or #babyNYCIST or #NYCISTk6) meeting today:



The K-5 Curricular spinoff of NYCIST met at the Trinity School for our seasonal meeting. Here are the apps that were shared by my fellow technologists:

— Rob Keith showed Type Drawing:

— Stephen Lewis showed off two apps he is developing: Word Wall and Our Picture Words:
Contact Stephen to beta test his apps.

— Francesca Zammarano showed artifacts from her Collaboratory at UNIS and demonstrated how to make a circuit!

— Zach Brewer showed the Do Ink app for animation and drawing:

— Judith Seidel shared stop-motion animation projects with whiteboards, LEGOs, and claymation before sharing iStopMotion for Timelapse:

Two good iPad mounts:

Now’s as good a time as any to also share these two recent things that I was glad to notice:
1. A Technology Integration Matrix shared on two separate Google+ Communities: EdTechWomen and Instructional Technology Integrators & Coaches.
Click here for the link:

2. This “What do you want kids to do with technology?” image I saw retweeted by Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell) over the summer:


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