In Katie Reimer’s 8th math class, analyzing stocks with Google spreadsheets and formulas:
Katie Reimer, 8th grade Algebra teacher at The School at Columbia University, stopped by yesterday to talk about her upcoming mini-unit on stock prices and percent changes. She wanted students to figure out relationships between today’s price, yesterday’s closing price, and price from one year ago today. She asked about ways to assess this, and we decided to use information located via Google Finance and a Google Spreadsheet with formulas to calculate change on day and change over a year. Students chose 10 stocks based on products they use everyday and analyzed their changes. Tomorrow, kids will take the roles of front office and back office to assess each other’s research.

Katie left finance in 2008, and it’s been a pleasure to join her class and learn math with someone who has used it in the real world. I’m pretty sure these 8th grader’s are more financially savvy then me at this point…

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