Resources from the @Raspberry_Pi powered weather station demo by @astillman and @jeffisfast


Andrew Stillman and Jeff Tarr are parents in my school community. They are both techies and tinkerers and both deeply interested in helping to inspire students to program. Together, they planned an integrated Science activity for Ben Raikes‘s 6th grade students today. They reviewed conditional statements in Scratch (something our students have seen before), introduced the Raspberry Pi and showed how you could run Scratch on it, and then explained the Raspberry Pi-powered weather station they set up in the science lab attached to various temperature and barometric sensors. They showed how data was being collected from the Raspberry Pi and sent wirelessly to a Google Spreadsheet. The students then made a copy of this spreadsheet and were tasked with tweaking the Google Apps Script (a Javascript language) to run a variety of functions using the data.

Andrew and Jeff shared the following presentation with our students:

Note: Andrew and Jeff legitimately impressed the kids with an assortment of examples of their technical prowess. Here were two that the students particularly enjoyed:
Jeff shared a toilet he rigged with a Raspberry Pi, distance sensors, and motors to lift the lid for everyone and the seat for some. See his video below:

Andrew shared his interactive Christmas tree that allows anyone in the world to turn the lights on and off via an app living on a web page. The live video feed is here and a video explaining the project is below:

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