Excited for our #HourOfCode buddies activity this afternoon at @The_School! #KidsCanCode

I again registered The School at Columbia University to participate in the Hour of Code happening next week around the world. Our school event will take place this afternoon during Buddy Time where K and 4th, 1st and 5th, 2nd and 6th, and 3rd and 7th grades are paired. Below is our plan for this afternoon:

K and 4th
“Angry Birds” Maze Puzzle (sequencing, loops, conditionals)
Use 4th Grade laptops

1st and 5th
Lightbot Mazes/Puzzles
Use 1st Grade iPads

2nd and 6th
Hour of Code Activities with Scratch Jr. [brand new activities this year]
Use 2nd Grade iPads

3rd and 7th
Animate Your Name, Design a Holiday Card, or Create a Pong Game with Scratch
Use 3rd Grade laptops

EXTRA for ANY Grade
“Frozen” Drawing Snowflakes with Anna and Elsa
Use any laptops or iPads

Dylan Ryder thoughtfully prepared older students with instructions to let their younger buddies control the device (iPad or laptop) and actually do most of the coding during the activity. I appreciated Dylan’s reminder to the kids that “in the end, today’s buddy activity is mostly about being a good buddy, and much less about Computer Science.”

To inform and involve the parents, this month’s TechTuesday was an opportunity for me to meet with parents and preview some of the Hour of Code activities in order to learn about ways to support learning programming and coding explorations from home.


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