Awesome blog post by @DianaLRendina –> “The Epic Library LEGO Wall: How to Build One” #MakerEd #STEAM

Here’s a wonderful blog post from Diana Rendina (@DianaLRendina) about the Epic LEGO Wall she built at Stewart Middle Magnet School in Tampa, FL:

And here’s a stop-motion video of Diana building the Epic LEGO Wall…

Closer than Tampa, Maureen Reilly (the STEAM Coordinator at The Blue School) had a LEGO wall built for their new Makerspace a few miles away from me in downtown New York City! Maureen says that students love using it to build collaboratively. She also suggested an amazing idea about attaching baseplates at 90-degree angles in order to form a LEGO box. Thus, you can affix LEGOS to the outside of the box and use the box itself (with an open top or with a removable lid) for storage! Thank you, Maureen!

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