#tbt video of the @RubeGoldberg machine we made at last week’s #CSNYC meetup.

I love the CSNYC Education Meetup group and the amazing learning and networking opportunities organized by Cindy Gao (of the NYC Foundation for Computer Science Education) and Eric Allatta and Sean Stern (both are Computer Science Teacher at the Academy for Software Engineering). Check them out and discover the amazing Professional Learning Network they nurture!

Last week, @CSNYC partnered with the team behind htink and The Makery to have a meetup where everyone got to collaborate on Rube Goldberg machines — the ultimate goal was to pop a balloon with a needle. I was really proud of our contraption, though in the end, we were thwarted by a dull needle and a tough balloon…

Here’s a video from another group demonstrating that the whole point is to fail fast and prototype, prototype, prototype…

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