Photos from @SAmericanSchool’s library tour with @KimBeeman today! #Singapore #libchat #GlobalEd

I’m in Singapore for the weekend! I visited schools and libraries with Kim Beeman, Head of Libraries at Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok. Many thanks to Katie Day , Head of Library at UWCSEA East in Singapore for helping to coordinate our visits and hosting us!

After leaving Dulwich College Singapore, Kim and I traveled to the Singapore American School for our second school visit of the day. We were overwhelmed by the sheer size of SAS! There were at least 6 gymnasiums, a slew of dance studios, an entire music wing, two Olympic-sized pools and another smaller pool, three libraries, multiple dining spaces, a bunch of collaborative teacher spaces, and possibly more than four theaters. Plus, all of the faculty and children were friendly, happy, and healthy-looking. It was a pretty ideal learning campus.

We started our visit in the Middle School Library with Ron Starker and Doug Tindall. The space is divided mostly in half with a quiet side and a collaborative side. The quiet side has lovely spaces, dubbed “caves” with lounge chairs and walls of bookshelves that still enable open views for adult supervision. The collaborative side has thoughtfully curated spaces that embody Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences. The bodily-kinesthetic space has treadmills and seats with pedals! There’s a digital music studio with instruments and voice-recording space for the musical-rhthymically inclined. There are 3D printers and Wacom tablets to represent the visual-spatial and logical-mathematical intelligences. And there was so much more! Another awesome thing is that the librarians and educational technology coaches are all in the library space together. Yay for more opportunities to collaborate!

Kate Brundage then met us and took us on a whirlwind tour of much of the campus including the revamped Upper School Library with its work-in-progress Maker Space and the Lower and Middle School libraries. Kim and I totally got our cardio for the day trying to keep up with Kate as she led is around. She oversees so many books and collections and has made remarkable choices about organizing, stocking, promoting, and collaborating.

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