Fascinating differences in cost to outfit a #makerspace in just the last 3 years! @jaymesdec #MakerEd

I’m at the Makerspace at the Columbia School of Engineering, because I’m curious about how it differs from other spaces and because @JaymesDec is giving a presentation, “So you have a Makerspace… Now what?”

I’m a huge fan of Jaymes and his work and everything he has done to elevate my practice and the practice of so many educators, hobbyists, families, and schools interested in STEAM and fabrication and community making experiences. He’s a graduate of NYU’s esteemed ITP program, a founder of The Makery, a Fab Lab and MakerEd evangelist, an international speaker presenting about his work and the great work of his students and colleagues all over the world, and a genuinely really nice and generous guy who happens to be a an expert in his field and always ready with help and advice.

The event tonight is hosted by SOWING: A Network for Science Outreach Professionals. I’ll be sure to pay attention to future events via their Eventbrite page: http://www.eventbrite.com/o/sowing-a-network-for-science-outreach-professionals-8297133199

During the presentation, Jaymes referenced:

  1. How much cheaper it is to outfit a makerspace than it was three years ago!
  2. Get great ideas for new hardware and software projects from Kickstarter. You can follow people who vet Kickstarter campaigns, as they are likely to back great ideas.
  3. The “Keychain Syndrome” as described by Paulo Blikstein in this piece: https://tltl.stanford.edu/sites/default/files/files/documents/publications/2013.Book-B.Digital.pdf
  4. The cost of makerspace has lowered significantly in the last three years since he launched the first Fab Lab at Marymount.
  5.  Better to get multiple cheaper items (like the Printrbot Simple Metal) rather than one more expensive machine.
  6. Issue of bottlenecks at machines – having multiple machines helps, but encouraging students to do different types of projects and to teach other and to rotate equipment helps with this.


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3 responses to “Fascinating differences in cost to outfit a #makerspace in just the last 3 years! @jaymesdec #MakerEd

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  2. Annabelle

    Hi, I love your blog and how generously you share information.
    I was wondering if you know where a first grader could go after-school to a maker space?
    I wish you would teach a 5pm class – I’d send my kid!


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