Pics & videos from yesterday’s awesome @ps10steam #STEAM Fair! #edchat #nyedchat #artsed #DIY

Many thanks to @AllisonMilgrom of @3DRoundhouseNYC for inviting me to the second annual PS10 STEAM Fair yesterday (and being one of the stellar organizers) and Ian Klapper (@ian32one) of City and Country School for suggesting I meet him there! 

The PS10 STEAM Fair is a “festival of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics” and it was a pleasure to see so many opportunities for children and families to explore, learn, create, and celebrate. The list of organizations and vendors who participated and sponsored in the day is super impressive.

Memorable moments for me included: Eating fresh pancakes hot off the griddle of a PancakeBot (thanks, Allison!), trying out a cardboard tubing telescope from an activity sponsored by the Beam Center, marveling at incredible child performers rocking Bowie tunes, testing Noticing Tools apps` from NY Hall of Science, having another opportunity to check out a SeeMeCNC 3D printer (people love them!), learning about the adult explorers in the NY Adventure Club founded by Corey Schneider, thinking about ways to partner with Construction Kids who deliver curriculum and hands-on building experiences for kids, and simply enjoying meeting all kinds of people sharing and participating in all kinds of STEAM projects. Check out a selection of video highlights below:


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8 responses to “Pics & videos from yesterday’s awesome @ps10steam #STEAM Fair! #edchat #nyedchat #artsed #DIY

  1. Allison

    Thank you Karen for coming to PS10 STEAM FAIR and for your incredible write up and photos !


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