So thrilled to present #BitsOfMusic with @EmilySticco at #ISTE2016! #MakerEd

@EmilySticco and I are presented a poster session at ISTE2016 (held this year in sunny Denver, CO) entitled, Bits of Music, Lots of STEAM. We shared two projects that we led this past year in #BitsOfMusic, Emily’s 8th grade Music mini-course.

Here are the blog posts I shared about the two projects:
1. #BitsOfMusic Arduino Album Covers
2. #BitsOfMusic Cardboard Jam Band
3. Another post about the #BitsOfMusic Cardboard Jam Band

Here are two videos Emily put together that are looping during our poster session:

1. BitsOfMusic Arduino Album Covers from Emily Sticco on Vimeo.

2. BitsOfMusic Cardboard Jam Band from Emily Sticco on Vimeo.

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