Scenes from another cardboard, @Scratch, & #FunkeyFunkey music workshop! #ScratchDay #MakerEd @TeachersCollege

Here’s the program listing all the sessions from today’s 7th Scratch Day NYC event:

Here’s the description of my specific workshop (which I’ve led at previous Scratch Days as well):

Scratch, Cardboard, and FunkeyFunkey Musical Instruments
Karen Blumberg, The Brearley School

FunkeyFunkey is a microcontroller board – just like Makey Makey – that allows you to use every-day objects and materials such as aluminum foil, playdough, and bananas to interact with your Scratch projects. We’ll construct cardboard shapes, add conductive elements, connect them to FunkeyFunkey boards, and program different instruments, sounds, and notes using Scratch to play music and form a band! Audience: People of all ages (children under 8 years old should bring a parent or older sibling to help out). No prior Scratch experience is needed.

Here is a pic of Michael Tempel at the opening ceremony:​
And here are some photos and videos from my workshop:

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