Photos from the 15th annual @RoboExpoNYC — a celebration of robots, engineering, and ingenuity! #omgrobots #STEAM #STEMed #MakerEd #edtech

Today was the 15th annual Robo Expo! Huge thanks to the Hewitt School and fellow organizer Erik Nauman for coordinating the event on his home turf and making sure Hewitt’s gym and A/V system were ready for our largest celebration yet with over 140 children (!) and, at one point, dozens of robots “dancing” to Baby Shark!

During the exhibition hour, participants delighted in seeing student creations: A classic claw arcade game, a LEGO brick sorting machine, a giant Rube Goldberg-esque robotic machine, an egg-laying chicken, an obstacle course, and many other creations using NXT, EV3, Microbits, Hummingbirds, mBots, Dash and Dot, and more. The next hour consisted of challenges: follow the line, get out of the box, stay on the table, and participate in a relay race.

Many thanks to the rest of the organizing team (besides me and Erik): Michael Tempel of the Logo Foundation, Hope Chafiian of the Spence School, Lan Heng of Ethical Culture Fieldston School, Tracy Rudzitis of the Marymount School, and Francesca Zammarano of the United Nations International School (UNIS). It’s been fun growing older with this crew. 🙂



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