Pics from the Isa Omena library in #Espoo, #Finland. It has a makerspace, health clinic, family wellness, game room, meeting spaces… And it’s in a mall! #libchat #edchat ‪@HelMet_kirjasto ‬

Experimental Library – Full of Surprises!

Iso Omena library is situated at Iso Omena Service Centre (third floor). Welcome!

Guided library visits for adult groups can be reserved at kirjastovierailut.omena(at)
Daycare and school visits: ville.thurman(at)
Swedish services tobias.larsson(at)

Further assistance: kirjasto.omena(at)

Bookings for meeting rooms or music studios or Paja equipment:

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Photos from an amazing visit to @OodiHelsinki Library with @donbuckley! #Helsinki #Finland #MakerEd #libchat

Oodi’s top floor has a sweeping, open, airy, multipurpose area full of spectacular views (inside and out), bookshelves (including children’s books and games), a cafe, gorgeous seating options, and a performance space.

The next floor down has tons of open areas to meet/gather/collaborate. There are more private meeting rooms (one with a full demonstration kitchen!) you can book and a full Makerspace that also needs to be booked behind a locked door. In the more public hallway, there are a bank of Ultimaker printers, a table full of sewing machines, a large format printer, a desktop computer library area, and a less public computer room full of boys playing video games.

The next floor down is the main entrance with a full restaurant and multiple exhibit areas.

The basement has great individual unisex stalls with frosted glass doors that you cannot see through and a middle area full of Dyson all-in-one faucets.

Here’s some info from their website:

Welcome to Oodi! Oodi is Helsinki’s new Central Library and a living meeting place. Its wide range of services and facilities will be available to residents seven days a week, from early in the morning till late in the evening. Oodi will function as a living room for residents, located right at the heart of Helsinki. Oodi’s lending services can be found on on Helmet.

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Photos and notes from Day 2 of #FabLearn #NYC hosted at @TeachersCollege this past weekend. #MakerEd #edtech #elemaker #ArtEdTech

Day 2 of FabLearn

Day Two of FabLarn started rainy and early (yet magically!) with a choice of workshops that required advanced registration. I was so glad to have a secured a spot in the sold out Reuse/Remix/Rethink: Exploring Mechanical Toys led by Christa Flores, Ryan Jenkins, and Joel Gordon. I am totally going to hack toys with kids at Brearley! Here’s a blurb from the program about the workshop:

ABSTRACT: In this hands-on workshop, participants will carefully dissect used mechanical toys and explore innovative ways learners of all ages can extend circuit and mechanism explorations using both analog materials and digital tools. This workshop will give participants ideas for how to use recycled materials in makerspaces and classrooms to support tinkering with science, art and creative coding. We’ll share practical tips on how to find and organize materials, share parts and tools lists and host a reflective discussion about how this type of workshop can contribute to a financially and environmentally sustainable making program.

After the workshop, Amanda Cox, Digital Editor of New York Times, delivered an amazing keynote! Here’s a brief bio from the conference program:

After Amanda’s keynote, we heard from a panel discussing “Making around the world: Experiences and lessons learned“. Following this was a collection of various Project Demos and Educator Posters on view in the Ed Lab. Two standouts were:

1. Fernando Puertas, Eduardo Lobo and Edison Cabeza’s Animachines consisting of game cards to help kids learn about species (since species are going extinct at an alarming rate).

2. Roy Ombatti’s work with a for-profit start-up that launched a ‘Digital Design Fabrication Workshop’ which taught digital fabrication skills to unaccompanied refugee youth aged between 9 and 17 years old.

Next up in the program were Educator Roundtables. I attended Roundtable 3: Making Accross Curricula which included Connecting Curriculum to a Meaningful Learning presented by Paula Oliveira and Diego Thuler, Connecting the Disciplines Through Collaborative Problem Solving: Interdisciplinary Design
from Kate Tabor, Anthony Shaker and Adam Colestock, and Rebuilding an 18th Century Town: Math, 3D Printing, and Historical Empathy presented by Heather Pang.

After the roundtables, there was an Educator Panel moderated by Jaymes Dec back in the main theater. On stage, Erin Riley, John Lynch, Nalin Tutiyaphuengprasert, and Roger Horton shared some of their project ideas and experiences.

After this, I had to get home to decompress and spend some time getting ready for the week ahead. Unfortunately, I missed the final session where presenters shared their Full Papers about Tools for capturing learning in making and Designing maker implementations. I will console myself by trying to recall all the innovative, thoughtful, and inspiring things I saw and heard and all the people I reconnecting with or met for the first time. Can’t wait for the next NYC event! Check out all the upcoming FabLearn conferences including FabLearn Thailand happening January 10-12, 2020…

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