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Photos from @sarahrothberg’s interactive presentation at the 5th Avenue Apple store last night… #ArtEdTech #MakerEd #STEAM

Ian Klapper (@ian32one) invited me to join him for an evening at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue to hear from artist Sarah Rothberg (@sarahrothberg on Twitter and @rothbergrothberg on Instagram). Explore some of Sarah’s work on her website: https://sarahrothberg.com/

Ian has explored AR (augmented reality) on his own and with students. While I embraced Aurasma years ago, Google Cardboard left me underwhelmed. Why hold an irradiated device in a cardboard box up to your eyeballs when you can more safely hold an iPad at arm’s length? I tried to appreciate CoSpaces, and maybe I didn’t give it enough of a chance. I’ve heard awesome things about Unity, and I’ve seen really lovely and impressive student projects — I just imagine it would require a time commitment for the learning curve and a set of really good goggles (Oculus) and haptic gloves. I believe AR and VR (virtual reality) can increase empathy or change perceptions by offering the user an enhanced or immersive experience. I just worry a lot of classroom AR/VR use is gimmicky. Ian’s words and Sarah’s presentation reminded me AR can also simply be fun and that there is value to bringing surprise, joy, and beauty with a user.

More info about the event, [AR]T Lab: AR Experiences Co-created with Sarah Rothberg here:

What happens when a lemon and a traffic cone collide? Using artist Sarah Rothberg’s creative approach and art, you’ll learn to code an augmented reality experience. Whether it’s happy, wacky, or weird, you’ll combine AR elements in Swift Playgrounds on iPad. Our Apple Creatives will take you through creative and coding exercises. Recommended for beginners ages 12 and up. Devices will be provided.

More info about other AR integrative art via collaborations with other artists and Apple: https://www.apple.com/today/collection/ar-experiences

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Inspired by @LisbethUribe to gather info about an #AugmentedReality virtual sandbox! #scichat #MakerEd

Lisbeth Uribe, extraordinary science teacher at The School, sent an email suggesting we try and make an Augmented Reality sandbox for our students based on the video above which went relatively viral recently. I immediately clicked on the video (linked above), and then googled “augmented reality sandbox” for more info.

I located an enormously helpful website of project details for an AR sandbox provided by Oliver Keylos of UC Davis. He wrote that their project was inspired by a video from group of Czech Researchers. (I LOVE when people model professional courtesy and share the inspiration for their ideas.)

Upon locating Oliver Kreylos’s Twitter feed (@okreylos), I saw an awesome tweet he wrote last about a blog post from a middle school science teacher; Tom Currie worked with his 6th graders and other members of he community to build an AR sandbox in their library. I promptly sent these links to Lisbeth and am crossing my fingers we can pull off something similar at The School…

Here’s the link to Tom Currie’s post http://currieosity.blogspot.ca/2014/11/an-augmented-reality-sandbox.html

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Notes from the Augmented Reality session at #edcamphome

Our Augmented Reality conversation from today’s #edcamphome. Yes, I chose to be recorded while still in my pajamas at 12:47pm EST.

I took part in edcampHome today. This was the 2nd annual edcampHome, and this morning there were two sessions to meet and discuss a variety of educational topics including social media, literacy, educational technology, augmented reality, Chromebooks, gamification, makerspaces, and more. The organizers used a Google+ Community for participants to gather and collaborate. A sub-page was created for members to suggest and nominate conversational ideas, and people met in Google Hangouts to discuss these democratically-chosen top topics. For each of the two sessions, I had to fill out a Google Form where I chose my desired topic, and ingenious GoogleScripts were written to signal moderators to invite me to the conversation. Each of the Google Hangouts were live-streamed and archived to YouTube via the magic of Hangouts On Air. Links to these videos can be found on edcampHome’s website:
Session 1 videos: http://edcamphome.org/2-0/session-1/
Session 2 videos: http://edcamphome.org/2-0/session-2/

Many thanks to all of the organizers and moderators who volunteered their time and energies to make edcampHome happen! Lord knows, I’ve organized my share of conferences by now, and it was a pleasure to simply be able to participate. It was a remarkable (and time-consuming) feat and worthy of a few rounds of applause.

For Session 1, I joined the Augmented Reality session generously moderated by Chris Webb. I wish I’d copied down the chat notes from the session before I closed the Google Hangout window, but here’s what I managed to write down:

Chris shared about Daqri’s cubes to teach the elements: http://www.fastcompany.com/3014771/tech-forecast/daqris-4d-cubes-use-augmented-reality-to-teach-kids-the-periodic-table-of-elem

Brenda spoke about her use of the Aurasma app to gather student-created book reviews that are triggered by looking at a book cover through any device. Brenda also said students love the colAR app to enhance their drawings and AR Flashcards – Animal Alphabet app for making letters more memorable.

Debra shared two links:
AR-media: http://www.armedia.it/technology.php
GE’s Augmented Reality product: http://www.augmentedplanet.com/2009/05/ge-augmented-reality-demo/

Terri Eichholz shared a post to a list of resources: http://engagetheirminds.wordpress.com/augmented-reality/

Drew Minock tweeted in this link about a web series he co-facilitates that includes AR resources: http://www.twoguysandsomeipads.com/. Drew also shared the link to last year’s augmented reality session from #edcamphome:

As for me, I’m looking forward to piloting some augmented reality projects using Aurasma with Kindergarten teachers at The School in January. I already approached the teachers in December, and we have a few ideas in the works…

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