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Inspired by @LisbethUribe to gather info about an #AugmentedReality virtual sandbox! #scichat #MakerEd

Lisbeth Uribe, extraordinary science teacher at The School, sent an email suggesting we try and make an Augmented Reality sandbox for our students based on the video above which went relatively viral recently. I immediately clicked on the video (linked above), and then googled “augmented reality sandbox” for more info.

I located an enormously helpful website of project details for an AR sandbox provided by Oliver Keylos of UC Davis. He wrote that their project was inspired by a video from group of Czech Researchers. (I LOVE when people model professional courtesy and share the inspiration for their ideas.)

Upon locating Oliver Kreylos’s Twitter feed (@okreylos), I saw an awesome tweet he wrote last about a blog post from a middle school science teacher; Tom Currie worked with his 6th graders and other members of he community to build an AR sandbox in their library. I promptly sent these links to Lisbeth and am crossing my fingers we can pull off something similar at The School…

Here’s the link to Tom Currie’s post http://currieosity.blogspot.ca/2014/11/an-augmented-reality-sandbox.html

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