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Enjoyed an 8th grade poetry class. Eve let me share a sonnet I wrote in 1992…

I was in Eve Becker‘s room earlier, trying to figure out why the USB Snowball microphone wasn’t picking up her students’ voices as effectively as it should. I think the sound settings in System Preferences keep defaulting back to the built-in mic rather than the Snowball.

Eve likes to record class discussions with http://ustream.tv – so, if a student misses a class for any reason, they can stay in at lunch and watch a recording.

While fiddling with the preferences, I enjoyed Eve’s introduction of sonnets as part of their poetry unit. I piped in that I wrote a sonnet in college, and the kids humored me by listening.

I also learned a new term, enjambment, which means the continuation of a complete idea from one line or couplet to the next line or couplet without a pause. “Enjambment” comes from the French word for “to straddle.” Giddyup.

Here goes:

It’s often said that five are just too much,
And one should stop at three or even four.
My mother seemed to have that rabbit touch.
The rabbi said be fruitful; She had more.
I sometimes thing the Yuppies know what’s best.
With 2.3, it’s hard to go astray.
No fighting over who deserves the rest
Of pizza or the first who gets to play
The latest of Nintendo. Peace presides!
No squabbling over turns to watch TV,
Or who it was that first began the tides
Of war. The answer’s like to be, “Not me!”
And though it seems that best is 2.3,
I find I’m happy with our four plus me.

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6th graders Skype with The Sezin School in Istanbul (not Constantinople)

Teachers and techies from The Sezin School in Istanbul and The School at Columbia University in Manhattan have been organizing video Skype chats for our kids to learn from each other. Our students ask/answer questions about hobbies, sports, school, holidays, video games, political structures, and famous city landmarks. Today, I remembered to set up the Blue Snowball microphone, and it made a huge difference in sound quality coming from our end. http://bluemic.com/snowball

The faculty and students at The Sezin School are incredibly interesting, global, well-spoken, respectful, and insightful, so it’s a pleasure to interact with them. Plus, I think it’s hilarious to see a whole other population of pre-teens beginning to enter their awkward phase…

The Sezin School set up this collaborative website for sharing projects and ideas: http://www.projectcafe.eu/cafe/

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