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Floored and flattered to be listed with @ShellTerrell and @Teach_Preschool for Best Individual Tweeter!


I’m totally flummoxed by the nomination let alone any sort of “win” in the 2010 Edublog Awards category of Best Individual Tweeter. It was an honor to be listed among all the other short-listed nominations, and even more ridiculously overwhelming to actually have made the Top 3 with Shelly Terrell (@ShellTerrell) and Deborah Stewart (@Teach_Preschool).

For the record, and based on Cathy Nelson’s blog post, I now know the actual ranking:

Teach_Preschool WINNER
1st runner up
2nd runner up (me)

A million thanks for the votes! I hope more followers doesn’t mean more Twitter Qwitters eventually. 🙂

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