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Unprofessional Development #Campfire led by #EmilyPilloton and @jenksbyjenks of @theUnPD! #CreativeCamp

Emily Pilloton and Christina Jenkins of Project H Design have cooked up a new way to re-energize the creative forces of educators with their Unprofessional Development courses. I was lucky to attend their inaugural New York Campfire, and it was amazing to learn from/with Emily and Christina. Their goal is to get teachers to be comfortable getting uncomfortable in order to bring re-energized, freshly tapped creativity back to their craft and the classroom.

The Campfire (which will possibly be renamed a Creative Camp as they are still prototyping…)  included three activities which I particularly enjoyed, and the context for each was just mindblowingly awesome. Emily and Christina each know a lot (quantitatively and qualitatively), and it was great to hear how they couched each activity in interesting and cerebral ways.

  1. Get to know each other via speed dating using questions taken from and adapted from a New York Times article which was passed around my social media streams not too long ago, The 36 Questions That Lead to Love. For each question, locate a new partner in the group. Questions included: What are you really good at? What are you inspired by? What are you afraid of? What are you proud of? Who are you afraid of?
  2. Embark on a design challenge with your partner to craft a garment for a post-apocalyptic society using IKEA bags, yarn, tape, scissors, and an assigned “obstruction” in 35 minutes. Possible examples of obstructions included: You may not talk aloud with your partner, You may not use scissors, You must use all parts of the bag, You must use triangular shapes…
  3. Learn how to tie knots using any means possible (locate a mentor, watch a YouTube video, read a book…)

Each participant in the group left with a hand-screened poster with @TheUnPD‘s motto and a bound copy of a wonderfully curated reader full of awesome, though-provoking, and meaningful texts.

Check out the @TheUnPD’s site for upcoming workshops or contact Emily and Christina to host one at your school! More info here: http://www.unprofessionaldevelopment.org/courses/#collab


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