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Pics and resources from “Speaking to Listen in the Age of Emoji” with @D_L_Potts @mritzius today:

Today, I co-led a full-day Speaking to Listen in the Age of Emoji workshop with Diana Potts and Mike Ritzius. Many thanks to Barbara Swanson, Associate Director for Professional Development at NYSAIS, for supporting us and Amy Brandt and Dennis Guidera of Steelcase Education for hosting us!

Here are our slides:

Here is the resource sheet we shared (with links to readings, resources, and handouts all in one space): 

Here is the original description from the NYSAIS page:

The skill of effective communication has powerful influence in shaping school culture. Teachers, students and leadership are surrounded by feedback on a daily basis from the classroom to meetings to the playing field.

Understanding how to communicate can be the difference between listening to react and listening to understand. How one hears, processes and delivers feedback can be powerful in shaping the tone of personal and professional relationships. In this workshop, theory, practice and your experiences will be used to examine what it takes to host effective and productive conversations with colleagues and students.

This seminar, for teachers and administrators of all grades,  will prepare participants to initiate better and more productive conversations with their colleagues, students, and parents. We will introduce a series of frameworks and skillsets which will enhance the way we speak and listen to each other.

This session includes:

  • Identifying types of feedback
  • Identifying perspective of knowings
  • Supporting different ways of knowing
  • Methods of hearing and giving feedback (even when you don’t want to)
  • Empathic Listening:an exercise is listening
  • Amygdala Hijack: identifying your triggers for grounded conversations
  • Four-fold Practice: a framework for mindful conversations
  • Levels of Speaking and Listening from Theory U: A framework for moving conversations to a co-generative space)
  • World Cafe: Creating a space for conversations leading to invested action

Here are some photos from the day:

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Notes and pics from “Speaking to Listen in the Age of Emoji” with @D_L_Potts and @mritzius at #educon. 

I was super honored to lead a conversation at Educon today with Diana Potts and Mike Ritzius, Speaking to Listen in the Age of Emoji. Diana, Mike, and I will be leading a one-day version of the workshop for the New York Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS) on February 7th. More info here: https://www.nysais.org/page.cfm?p=3678&LockSSL=true

We began with an activity where people told a 6-word memoir using emoji. Then Mike introduced the Four-Fold practice via The Art of Hosting. After, I described Glenn Singleton’s Four Agreements of Courageous Conversations. Diana spoke about triggers and how we can adapt our responses. We broke into groups of three for a speaking/listening/observing activity where one person speaks for two minutes, the next person relays what they heard for the next two minutes, and the observer offers things they noticed using a checklist for two minutes. (Given enough time, everyone switches roles for the next two rounds). Then Mike described Theory U by Otto Scharmer. We had time to reflect at the end and revisit our speaking/listening/observing activity through the lens of Theory U.

Our resources are here: http://bit.do/stliaoe

Our slides are here:

We’ll be leading a one-day version of this workshop for the New York Association of Independent Schools on February 7, 2017. More info here.

Here a a few pics from the speaking/listening/observing activity:


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