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Pretty impressed with #Bigshot’s DIY digital camera kit.

Lisbeth Uribe, science teacher at The School at Columbia University, recently sent a link about the Bigshot’s DIY digital camera kit to the rest of her department and the technology integrators.

The Bigshot camera is currently available for $89 plus S/H, and part of the proceeds goes towards donating additional Bigshots to children all over the world. Lisbeth thinks the camera kit could be integrated into units about lenses, circuits, and/or electronics. I think it would be cool to do an art project with them, or at least have an afterschool class using them. As per the History page from Bigshot’s website:

Bigshot was created by Shree Nayar, a Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University. He worked with a team of contractors to build the first set of working prototypes. He also worked with a group of gifted students, led by Guru Krishnan and Brian Smith, on developing the first version of the educational website and field testing the initial prototypes. The Bigshot project at Columbia was partly funded by a Google research award and an ONR Instrumentation Grant.

In 2011, Nayar founded Kimera, LLC, a social venture focused on making Bigshot available to kids and educators around the globe.

It would also be fun to compare Bigshot’s build/create/express experience to Lomography’s Konstrucktor DIY 35mm film SLR kit

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