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Just upgraded our Replicator2 spring-loaded drive block with the help of these @Makerbot tutorials:

photo 3 photo 4

FedEx just delivered the Replicator 2 spring-loaded drive block replacement kit that I ordered from Makerbot earlier this week. It’s a free part, you just have to pay tax and any shipping/handling fees. Dylan Ryder and I just installed the new drive block and it works amazingly! It’s seriously like having a brand new and improved machine. If you haven’t already ordered the part, do it now!

Request the drive block replacement here: http://store.makerbot.com/extruder-upgrade
Follow the installation instructions in the video here:

The good people at Makerbot’s customer service also sent me this video about how to clear a thermal barrier tube block in the machine’s extruder with this video tutorial:

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Making flying things with @dylanmryder and @kfittinghoff’s Maker Club at @The_School:










Dylan Ryder is the Intermediate Division Educational Technologist (grades 3-5) here at The School at Columbia University, and Kevin Fittinghoff is the Intermediate Division Principal. They partnered to facilitate the Maker Club which met 2 hours every two weeks for the past few months. In previous sessions, they’ve made paper crafts and paper circuits. Today’s mission was to build paper flying machines: planes, fish, boomerangs, propellers, tumbling fish, helicopters, air surfers, parachutes, and a tumbling winged bat.

Dylan created a GoogleDoc of resources he gathered for the kids. This page contains links to instructions, photos, and video tutorials for making a bunch of different stuff. He explained that they were responsible for choosing activities, following instructions, working together, and asking questions.

If you’d like him to share the GoogleDoc with you, he can be reached on Twitter at @dylanmryder.

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Didn’t get my #Drawdio musical pencil to work – nay. #THaSIS – yay!

I was psyched to see an email on my NYCIST listserv from Lindsay Velazco, science teacher at The Dalton School, looking to start a Teacher Hacker Space for Independent Schools (THaSIS). The plan is to host “a monthly meetup to pursue interests in electronics, robotics, and technology-related projects with other teachers. Folks from all grade levels, subject areas, and experience are welcome.”

We were greeted with food, beverages, and individual Drawdio musical pencil kits all generously provided by Dalton’s Parents Association. After assembling and soldering, my unit was a dud. Nevertheless, the experience was well worth it, and it was a good reminder to always have a Plan B (or just accept someone’s gift of a working musical pencil).

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Love the creative spelling in this 3rd grader’s email to @dylanmryder:


Dylan Ryder (@DylanMRyder) is our new Technology Integrator for the intermediate Division (Grades 3-5) here at The School at Columbia University.

3rd graders recently got school Gmail accounts, and Dylan spent two weeks reviewing email and netiquette skills. He just showed me some of the awesome emails kids sent him. Besides the amazing spelling of vegetables above, here’s another gem:

this weekend I’m going to play club penguin all day


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