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Video of the Snap Together Robohand I made with @dylanmryder:

Here is a 61-page PDF of instructions from @Makerbot for the Snap Together Robohand :


And here are the downloadable files from the Thingiverse for the pieces of the Snap Together Robohand:

Here is my previous post about it: https://karenblumberg.wordpress.com/2013/12/18/3d-printed-prosthetic-hands-social-justice-and-other-4th-grade-achievements-with-dylanmryder/

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December 20, 2013 · 11:47 am

So glad so many teachers at @The_School are participating in @CSEdWeek’s #HourOfCode!

GoogleDoodle for Grace Hopper's 107th birthday
Today’s GoogleDoodle commemorates Grace Hopper’s 107th birthday, and this whole week (December 9-15, 2013) is designated as Computer Science Education Week. In order to get people, especially kids, interested in coding, Code.org and @CSEdWeek are imploring folks around the world to participate in an Hour of Code.

I received the following by email today:

Today, over 5 million students — in 25,000 classrooms, across 160 countries — will be first to experience the Hour of Code, to learn one hour of computer science through Code.org’s new learning platform, with video tutorials by Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Bosh and Bill Gates, or through other activities.

Try an Hour of Code now at http://hourofcode.com


Code.org and all the partners behind Computer Science Education Week encourage students, parents, and educators worldwide to engage in computer science. This isn’t just about one hour. See new free curriculum or how to partner with Code.org to bring CS to your whole district at http://code.org/educate

Please join us in supporting this unprecedented event to make history for computer science. If you’re doing your own Hour of Code, share it with the world using #HourofCode.

There are great tutorials and activities on the Hour of Code site, so as a prequel to this week, Dylan Ryder and I organized a buddy activity on Friday afternoon to get older kids and younger kids to run through a command code scenario using scenes from Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies.(You can jump around the 20 different levels on the site here: http://learn.code.org/hoc/1) Many thanks to Kathryn Kaiser, Primary Division Principal, for helping us to coordinate with teachers and students from six different grades!

Hour Of Code

6th graders paired with 2nd graders, 5th graders paired with 1st Graders, and 4th graders paired with Kindergarteners. @DylanMRyder captured and tweeted a terrific image which was further retweeted by Code.org!

Girls love to program! #HourofCode kicks off @CSEdWeek early @The_School. 4th grdrs teach K buddies to code. #edtech pic.twitter.com/ebyEk7KvRC

— Dylan Ryder (@DylanMRyder) December 6, 2013

Later this week, middle school math teachers (Katie Reimer, Sabrina Goldberg, and Katie Hildebrandt) will be offering 6th, 7th, and 8th graders choice activities on Wednesday to further participate in the Hour of Code.


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Making flying things with @dylanmryder and @kfittinghoff’s Maker Club at @The_School:










Dylan Ryder is the Intermediate Division Educational Technologist (grades 3-5) here at The School at Columbia University, and Kevin Fittinghoff is the Intermediate Division Principal. They partnered to facilitate the Maker Club which met 2 hours every two weeks for the past few months. In previous sessions, they’ve made paper crafts and paper circuits. Today’s mission was to build paper flying machines: planes, fish, boomerangs, propellers, tumbling fish, helicopters, air surfers, parachutes, and a tumbling winged bat.

Dylan created a GoogleDoc of resources he gathered for the kids. This page contains links to instructions, photos, and video tutorials for making a bunch of different stuff. He explained that they were responsible for choosing activities, following instructions, working together, and asking questions.

If you’d like him to share the GoogleDoc with you, he can be reached on Twitter at @dylanmryder.

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