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Can I link it? Yes you can!

We are all about Google Apps for Education; We migrated the faculty over to GoogleApps last year, and the student body was brought on board in September here at The School at Columbia University.


My colleague asked if I’d found a gadget to import mp3 files into a Google Site. A quick search in the Insert menu yielded “more gadgets.”


And the third gadget down in this new window was for an MP3 player created by Odeo (Note: initially Twitter was just a sideproduct of the Odeo developers!)


As I was exploring the available gadgets in Google Sites, my colleague was on Google looking for projects that embedded mp3 files. He found this helpful tuturial about how to link/embed Garageband songs into a Google Site: http://sites.google.com/site/svmschorus/home/assessment


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