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Photos and notes from #ISTE17 in San Antonio.

Unlike Gary Stager who has been to 30 (!!!) International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) annual conferences, I think I’m still shy of 10 events. Besides the (now) two I’ve been to in San Antonio, I also attended two in Philadelphia, two in Denver, one or two in Atlanta, and then my memory peters out. (ISTE was formerly known as the National Educational Computing Conference, NECC.)

On Saturday, Lucy Gray and I led a 3-hour workshop entitled, Make a Splash With Social Media in Your School or District. The description is below:

School leaders will see how to leverage a core set of digital tools to boost personal productivity, professional learning and school and district communications. Learn tips and tricks from experts and come away from this hands-on experience with ideas for engaging your school community in creative ways.

Lucy is a dynamic, innovative, influential, and well-connected educator, and she is also a good friend. I was equally flattered and grateful that she included me on her ISTE proposal, and it was a thrill to share our stories, knowledge, help, and tips with our attendees. With Lucy’s blessing, I’ll be leading a scaled down version of the workshop with attendees at iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) Annual Conference and Youth Summit in Morocco next month.

Lucy and I began the workshop with an icebreaker I learned about from Claudia Stanfield at last year’s EdTech Summit Africa. (I’m so excited that I’ll get to reunite with Claudia in late July at this summer’s EdTech tour too!) On each section of a beach ball, Lucy and I included terms that should be part of every educator’s social media lexicon: hashtag, RT, DM, handle, meme, geotag, metadata, etc. Each participant tosses the beach ball to someone else, and you have to have a conversation about whatever word is on the top section of the ball when you catch it. Depending on how people hold the ball, it’s a little subjective as to what constitutes the “top” of the ball, but the activity always leads to good discussion, so it’s all good…

Sunday, I attended the Global Education Leadership Brunch and Global Education Day, both organized and led by Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon. Below are some tweets from the day:

For the rest of the conference, I was free to attend and explore sessions, keynotes, and posters. I also spent a fair amount of time making loops around the Expo Hall looking for compelling items. Here are some tweets I shared or retweeted:

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Thanks, @techlearning! Sneak Peak with @EmilySticco of our #ISTE2016 poster session “Bits of Music”!

Kevin Hogan, Content Director of Tech & Learning, invited me and @EmilySticco to offer a Sneak Peek of our ISTE 2016 poster session Bits of Music, Lots of STEAM. We’ll be sharing two projects that Emily and I led in her 8th grade music mini-course at The School at Columbia University:
1. Cardboard MakeyMakey Jam band
2. Arduino light-up album covers

You can watch our video below. Don’t forget to marvel at the comically bad screen capture. I look like I’m eating a hamburger.

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iBallz are an amazing way to protect your tablet! @i_ballz

@i_ballz are a well-designed and unique way to protect a variety of tablets and devices (and provide seemingly endless opportunities for low-brow jokes). They cost $24.95 retail, and he price goes down to $15 or less for schools. They come in a few colors, and there’s a mini version for smaller tablets and Kindles. I can totally see having a bunch of them in a bucket next to the charging cabinet. Then kids strap on the balls when they take an iPad to use for class. Depending on the charging cabinet, the iBallz could just stay on all the time.

The guys behind iBallz are a dynamic duo based out of San Francisco. They also designed a great holdover iPad case Check our their website at iBallz.info

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July 1, 2014 · 12:15 pm

Presenting “Connecting the Curricular Dots: Integration Across Disciplines” with @klemify at #ISTE2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 4.22.19 PM

Rachel Klem (@klemify) and I are currently doing a poster session at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). We are sharing some of the integrated projects that we’ve developed over the years at The School at Columbia University. For instance, 6th graders study Renaissance Italy by reading Romeo and Juliet, networking about renaissance instruments in Music, playing renaissance games in Wellness, making a stop-motion animation based on Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches, and more. We’re at Table 1 – stop by and say hi!

You can visit our GoogleSite where we highlight a few projects using the QR code below:


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