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Write and run your Processing code anywhere you are with P5JSSketch for iPhone


Thanks to Fred Bartels (@fredbartels) for sharing a link about P5JSSketch (@P5JSSketch) for iPhone on the NYCIST listserv this morning.

P5JSSketch is a tiny code editor for Processing.js. Write and run your code anywhere you are.

– Syntax highlighting
– Auto indentation
– Code assistance
– Additional keys
– Undo/Redo
– Import/export files via iTunes File Sharing
– Load multipull pde files
– Load JavaScript libraries (e.g. toxiclib.js)
– In app preview

About Processing.js >> http://processingjs.org/
See also Processing >> http://processing.org/

Erik Neumann (@openblackboard) mentioned that P5JSSketch is much better than pjs4ipad which offers “offline Processing.js web clip apps with built-in code editing.”

pjs4iPad lets you create Processing.js apps that can be run and edited directly in HTML5 browsers and will run offline. Currently tested with Mobile Safari (iPad, iPhone, Android 2.1, iPod touch, Chrome).

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Parat PARASYNC vs Bretfod PowerSync to dock/sync our iPod Touch collection

The School at Columbia University (http://theschool.columbia.edu) recently purchased two docking/syncing stations for our iPod Touch collection. One is the PARASYNC tray by Parat Solutions (http://www.paratsolutions.com/parasync.html) and the other is the Bretford ParaSync Case for iPod (http://apple.bretford.com/products/powersynccase).

The Parat PARASYNC is a $995 lightweight tray that docks and syncs 20 iPod Touches (each tray is designed for a specific model and the slots are customized accordingly). The new iPod Touch is .3″ inches thinner than the last generation of iPod Touches, so Parat is selling decals to affix to the back of your new iPod Touch so they’ll fit into the former iPod Touch slot without without breaking the pins inside. They have yet to design a tray for iPads, but we would totally be interested in it if/when they do.

The Bretford PowerSync Case for iPod is $1200 and allows us to sync, dock, and carry multiple generations of iPods. While this device was made to travel, it is heavy, clunky, and looks like a terrorist’s checked baggage. However, the beauty of this case is that it houses a variety of different iPods and devices rather than only one model.

So far, it’s a win-win.

UPDATE: Peter Jauss of Parat Solutions just wrote me about the $198 Parat PARASYNC Transport Roller that was made to store, protect, and transport a laptop, 20 iPod devices, and power supplies: www.paratsolutions.com/parasync-transport

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“I gotta go back, back, back to school again.”

This first week back was nuts. After days of meetings and heavy lifting, I finally had a chance to talk curriculum with the 8th grade team. It was such a thrill to listen to them discuss ways to integrate pieces of their curriculum, starting with the first project of the year and looking towards January: Apartheid and governance in Social Studies, To Kill a Mockingbird in English, the Empty Bowls Project in Art… It’s one of my favorite parts of my job.

Besides having way too little time to discuss upcoming projects, I had a crash course in TeacherEase, an online grading/communication tool we’re piloting across the middle school. It looks pretty powerful, as you can track grades, attendance, comments, send email alerts to students and parents, and log in as a teacher, student, or parent to access performance assessments.

I spent a long time researching iPod and iPad storage/syncing devices from Parat, Tribeam, Cambrionix, and Bretford. We ended up buying the 20-slot Bretford iPad cart, but I’m torn about what to get for our iPod Touches. I almost purchased a couple of docks from Parasync, but it won’t house the new iPod Touches without some retrofitting to accommodate the slightly different shape of the updated device. And while the Bretford case houses multiple generations of iPods, I prefer the look and design of the wireless Parasync tray. Suffice it to say, we didn’t make a decision.

In addition to physically and mentally preparing for Tuesday’s arrival of students, I’ve been emailing, meeting, and teleconferencing with other organizers of EdCampNYC (on 12/4/10)  and TEDxNYED (in March of 2011) and finding hosts for my monthly NYCIST meetings. I find it remarkable I have a social life sometimes.

While I didn’t have much time to check out my Twitter feed much, I did forward a bunch of gems to my faculty. I’ll try not to have anxiety over all the resources I missed:


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Going Ape for Apps for the iPad

My school just purchased a classroom set of 20 iPads (64GB Wifi) with the hopes of using them in an academic capacity. We’re currently researching/purchasing apps and planning projects. We already have a 1:1 MacBook program in grades 2-8, a class set of iPod Touches, a few Kindles, iMacs and SmartBoards in every classroom, Flip cameras, motion sensors, probes, class sets of microphone/headphones, class sets of digital cameras, and enough electronics to sink a ship. Plus, we are blessed with forward-thinking leadership, a faculty willing to integrate technology in the classroom, students excited to try out new tools, and a technology team that I learn from on a daily basis.

I spent two hours sifting through available apps; Many of them were for the iPad, but a few were iPhone apps that run on the iPad (denoted with a *). I skimmed Apple’s own list of Education apps, a website entitled I Education Apps Review, an article on ISTE Connects: “iPad Apps for Education,” and an article from eSchool News: “Developers seek to link iPad with education.” I came across another site listing iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Apps for (Special) Education, and I’ll have to find time to explore those later this week.

Here’s the beginning of an apps list compiled me and other members of my Technology Department:

3D Brain (free), ACT & SAT Vocabulary Builder HD ($4.99), Adobe Ideas  (free), *All the Countries (free), Beautiful Planet HD ($0.99), Bloomberg for iPad (free), Brushes ($7.99), Adobe Ideas 1.0 (free), Demolition Master (free), Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collections (free), Doodle Buddy (free), Dragon Dictation (free), eClicker (free), Factoring ($0.99), Free Graphic Calculator (free), Free Spanish Tutor 24/7 (free), *Geomaster ($0.99), *Geomaster – US States (free), GoSkyWatch Planetarium (free), *Greek Gods Free (free), Guinness World Records Lite (free) Guitar Lab (free), History: Maps of the World (free), iFactor Quadratics (free), iFormulae (free), iFractal (free), *Muscle System: Head and Neck (free), Pad Math ($0.99), Pastebot ($2.99), Periodic Table of the Elements (free), Photopad (free), Planets (free), Proloquo2Go ($189.99), Quick Graph (free), Roster Recall   ($1.99), *SAT Vocab 1 ($4.99), *SAT Vocab 2 ($4.99), Science Glossary (free), Scrabble ($9.99), Shakespeare (free), Shakespeare Pro iPad Edition ($19.99), *Skeletal System: Head and Neck (free), Sonic Pics Lite (free), Sonic Pics ($2.99), *SpanishDict (free), Story Kit (free), Sums Stacker ($0.99), Sundry Notes Pro (free), TanZen HD Lite (free), TanZen HD ($2.99), textPlus (free), textPlus ($2.99), The Elements ($13.99), U.S. Historical Documents ($0.99), U.S. Historical Documents Pro ($4.99), *Ultimate Guitar Tabs ($2.99), *USA Presidents (free), Wikipanion (free), *Wikipedia Mobile (free), WolframAlpha ($1.99), World Atlas with Fact Book and Travel Guide ($0.99), WORLD BOOK – This Day in History (free)

Side note: When I when to iTunes to sift through the Education section of the App store, the first available app in the list was How to Get Girls into bed without trying ($0.99). This particular app was categorized under App Store > Education > Offshore. Whatever.



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