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Free yolink, SweetSearch, EasyBib lessons licensed under CreativeCommons


While ISTE10 was a whirlwind of networking, socializing, learning, presenting, and stockpiling Google schwag, my stint at the yolink booth was a total highlight. I was impressed by everyone on the yolink team and their partners sites, SweetSearch and EasyBib.

I was part of a group of educators who created lesson plans incorporating yolink, SweetSearch, and EasyBib. My lesson, License to Cull with Creative Commons, is meant to initiate conversations with students about Creative Commons and teach how to search/cite fair-use media. (I am still patting myself on the back for that title, by the way.)

We demo’d these lessons at the yolink booth at ISTE, and the lesson plans and slide decks were shared on USB drives handed out to people that came to our booth. The lessons are also all licensed under Creative Commons and shared via this awesome link: http://www.yolinkeducation.com/education/iste/teacher.jsp

Below are my lesson plan and slides for License to Cull with Creative Commons:

Download this file

Download this file

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Link up with yolink at ISTE

I’ll be at ISTE‘s annual conference in a few weeks. I still have to finalize what I will say/show at my presentation, “Collaborating with Google Apps in the 21st Century Classroom.” I’m equally proud and petrified that my session is sold out. I called ISTE in a panic to find out how many seats they assigned for my talk – 108! 

Here’s the catalog listing for my presentation at ISTE:

In the meantime, I prepared a lesson for my stint at the yolink booth. I’ll be at their space on the Expo floor for two hours a day, 30 minutes of which will include a demonstration of how I use yolink and some of their partner services: Creative Commons, SweetSearch, and EasyBib. I’m particularly proud of my lesson’s title, License to Cull with Creative Commons. Get it?

Yolink scans a web search or a specific web page for keywords. Multiple keywords are individually color-coded, so visual (and/or impatient) learners can quickly scroll through paragraphs on a website to visibly locate those keywords. It’s easy, powerful, and free!

I was super honored to be featured in yolink‘s recent newsletter. Below is the link to the June edition of Education News from yolink:


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