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Super grateful to my PLN after #NYCIST two weeks ago, #NAISac14 last week, and #GoogleGlass convos this week…

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My two ex-bosses @donbuckley @gdorio #neit14

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Two weeks ago, I attended the February meeting of the New York Consortium of Independent School Technologists (NYCIST). We meet monthly face-to-face and for an annual conference at Mohonk Mountain House. This year’s Mohonk experience was especially community-building after a norovirus plagued many of us and inspired the hashtag, #Mochunk. It was awesome to gather at Little Red Elizabeth Irwin School (the host for last month’s meeting) and get a demo of Kandu from one of the creators. Equally awesome was to continue the discussion at a local watering hole afterwards. NYCIST was my first Personal/Professional/Personalized Learning Network (PLN), and the conversation, collaborating, and camaraderie from the group has proven to be invaluable over the years.

LadiesAt the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) annual conference last week, I was honored to be chosen to co-present with amazing ladies I met via Twitter and face-to-face conferences. I knew Liz Davis (@LizBDavis) before I met her at a NYSAIS Education and Information Technology (NEIT) conference in like 2007. Hadley Ferguson (@HadleyJF) and Kim Sivick (@KSivick) were also people I knew via Twitter before I first met them in person at EdcampPhilly in 2010. I’ve since seen them online and in person many times, and it was a pleasure to talk about our own professional development and growth to two really nice audiences at NAIS in Orlando.

photo 1This week, I led two conversations at The School at Columbia University about GoogleGlass and wearable technologies. The first was for parents as part of the monthly TechTuesdays series I launched last year in order to build community and a common vocabulary between the Technology Department, the faculty, and the parents. For this month’s parent talk, I invited Rachel Klem (@Klemify), music teacher here at The School, and A.J. Jacobs (@ajjacobs), prolific and witty writer/author, to facilitate a discussion about their experiences with GoogleGlass. I was so glad to see a large turnout and hear lots of questions and anecdotes shared. I gathered resources on a GoogleDoc linked here: http://tinyurl.com/TechTuesdaysTSC

This afternoon, Rachel and I hosted another conversation for educators and technologists as part of an ongoing series of grassroots Professional Development (PD) afternoon offerings for our faculty that I help facilitate. In attendance were:
Me (@KarenBlumberg)
Rachel Klem (@klemify), music teacher here at The School
Katy Gartside (@KatyGartside), 5th grade teacher here at The School
Paul Shirk (@alert_soulful), 1st grade teacher here at The School
Marko Pacic (@MarkoPacic), Director of Technology at Convent of the Sacred Heart
Colin Samuel (@workplacehobo), Director of Technology at The Green Vale School
and joining via GoogleHangout:
From Boston, Andy Marcinek (@andycinek), Director of Technology at Groton-Dunstable Regional School District
From Austin for SxSWedu, Basil Kolani (@bkolani), Director of Technology at The Dwight School

For the record, here’s Sergey Brin‘s TED Talk where the co-founder of Google shares some possibilities for GoogleGlass:

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Resources from another great #edcampnyc on Saturday 11/9/13:

Thank you to everyone who came to edcampnyc on a Saturday to learn, share, and network so freely and generously! I was thinking about my edcamp numbers this morning:
— This was the 4th annual autumn edcampNYC to be hosted by The School at Columbia University. Many thanks to my colleague Katy Gartside (amazing 5th grade teacher at The School), Ann Oro, Laura Hollis, Deven Black, and Basil Kolani for being a relaxed and helpful group of co-organizers this year.
— This was the 5th edcampNYC event (We had a spring event at Francis Lewis High School a couple of years ago, and I have happy memories of their awesome Principal Ali Shama grilling up a barbeque lunch for everyone.)
— This was the 6th edcamp I’ve helped plan — two weeks ago was the launch of edcampMumbai (India’s first edcamp!) co-organized by Rekha Puri of LINEglobal and hosted by the The Oberoi International School.

Resources from the day are linked to our schedule here:
*Thanks to Jonathan Leung from General Assembly for showing me how to make a hyperlink using a formula function in a Google Spreadsheet.

And a great tagcloud gathering all the tweets tagged with #edcampnyc is here:http://tagboard.com/edcampnyc
*Thanks to @ChrisKauter for telling me about @Tagboard.

Also, our #edcampnyc hashtag was trending on Saturday!

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Just uploaded all of our @TEDxYTheSchool videos to the #TEDxYouth YouTube channel!

Saturday was the 3rd annual TEDxYouth@TheSchool. I am grateful for so many people who helped make this day a success:

  1. The inspiring students, artists, performers, and activists who spoke to my community: Rebecca Marratta and Aidan Ryan, The School’s Concert Choir led by Rachel Klem, Gabriella Singh, Bree Person, Hannah Sachs, Finding Green NYC, Rodda John, Sophia Edelstein, Moranda Rasmussen, Devin Carthan, Matt Vorzimer, Laura Sjogren, Jacob Schmidt, Keith Jensen, Yadira De La Riva and Wade Colwell-Sandoval
  2. Flik Independent School Dining (@FlikISDining) for providing breakfast and lunch
  3. The School at Columbia University (@The_School) for hosting us and keeping us warm and secure
  4. The support of our Head of School, Amani Reed, and our three Division Heads, Kathryn Kaiser (K-2), Kevin Fittinghoff (3-5) and Belinda Nicholson (6-8)
  5. Monica Amaro, Charles Colten and Zoe Paraskevopoulos for helping to gather and prepare our speakers, and Katie Reimer and Lynette Wilson for assisting at the event
  6. Claire Sexton for taking photos
  7. Gina Marcel (@fpgina) for handling the video and livestreaming station
  8. Don Buckley (@donbuckley) for helping me in all ways as usual
  9. Katy Gartside (@katygartside) for live tweeting from the @TEDxYTheSchool account
  10. Jazmin Sherwood for her organizational and problem solving skills
  11. Kate Berten (@k8berten) for stepping in to lead Keith Jensen’s @paintpenart workshop as he has been out of town due to an evacuation by Hurricane Sandy
  12. The students, parents, and guests who came and enthusiastically participated

You can watch the 15 videos from the window above or visit the playlist on YouTube.

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